The Ultramind Meditation Guide

If you only take one thing from this guide let it be the technique of meditation.  This technique allows you to experience truths for yourself and stimulate your growth and ...

Reclaiming your Mind in the 21st Century

Technological progression has changed modern human life so drastically that we would seem completely alien to our hunter-gatherer ancestors. From the way we form relationships, to our sleeping and eating ...

The Ultramind Method Part I – The Path to Peak Mental Performance

Introduction Hello, and welcome to the Ultra Mind Method. And yes, if you’re wondering, you should read this introduction. Many of us in today’s Information Age feel so overwhelmingly immersed ...

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Boost Your Brain Mass – By Travelling?

As it turns out, traveling can and does boost your brainpower.  This post looks into an interesting traveling-related study that has shown that pressure to adapt in foreign environments along with higher levels of sensory input, can indeed lead to improved mental acuity. The benefits of traveling are clear – the evidence is in by […]

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Why Business Owners Better Stay Sharp

  It doesn’t matter when you were born, or what career path you followed, being a manager, leader, or business owner has always been a challenging undertaking. However, leaders of modern organizations, whether they preside in huge multinational corporations or small locally-owned businesses, face increased levels of scrutiny, regulation, accountability, and transparency. The pressure to […]

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Weight Lifting Performance – How Much of it is a Mental Game?

  How often do you consider consider belief, confidence, and other mental states to be predictors of lifting power? It’s easy to guess the approximate amount of weight someone can lift based on size and body composition, right? According to a study by Gary Ness at the University of New Mexico, there may be more […]

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The Brain Science of Losing Weight

  Despite best intentions and diligent efforts, North American overweight demographics continue to grow. For many frustrated individuals it seems that popular diets, nutritional programs, and exercise methods are not as effective as advertised. The issue is most weight loss methods largely ignore our most powerful organ, the brain. A body-only approach to weight loss […]

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Meditation and Athletic Performance

You don’t need to be a professional athlete to understand the intensity of game day. Regardless of your chosen sport or athletic endeavor, performing under the pressure of audiences, team members, coaches, the competition, and your own expectations can be quite debilitating without adequate mental preparation. Performing at a high level in any sport requires […]

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Mind Over Money – Your Habits and Your Wallet

Here at Ultramind we’re big believers in the power of your habits.  Daily habits and rituals form the outcomes of your future. The same thing goes with your money. The decisions you make and the actions and inactions you take determine your financial position. Unfortunately, most of us allow our short term impulses to drive […]

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5 Steps to Protecting Your Child’s Brain

Our modern bodies evolved thousands of years ago during a much different period of time. It was a time of nutritional scarcity, primitive technology, and limited sensory stimulation. Our brains evolved to deal with those exact circumstances and have hardly changed since the days of our ancient hunter-gatherer ancestors. Despite our seemingly unbounded ability to […]

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What Smart Poker Players Know

In the world of poker, your ability to maintain razor-sharp focus is key to success. This is especially true when it comes to internet poker players. Multitabling to a dozen or more tables at once and making thousands of decisions per hour is more a marathon of focus than anything else.  The smart player knows […]

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